23 April 2017

Miriam Jones . More Info

There is an exciting new item I can offer, cushion covers and tote bags. Some of my original artwork printed and made into cushion covers. The images displayed in the collection "Cushions and Tote Bags" are suitable.

These are printed in the USA, and carry limited stock, but am happy to order them in on request. They take approx. 4 weeks(ish) to arrive, so allow time if you are wanting one for a gift.

there are 3 sizes, 16", 18" 20"..but due to not having large enough files for some, some of the paintings are only available in the smaller size.

These take the standard Spotlight (NZ and Australian store) inners, 16,18,20. I sell them as covers only to keep your postage costs down
The tote bags are printed both sides .
Please email me via my contact button if there is something that interests you, and I can let you know what sizes are available for that painting and costs etc