23 April 2017

Miriam Jones . About

An avid drawer from as long as she can remember,Miriam devoured the weekly
jotter-pad her mother would find funds from the grocery budget for, and when
that was used,decided the inner liners of soap wrapper's were a fabulous
quality paper,!..-it was inevitable that sooner or later, art would become a
massive part of her life.

Even though not painting or drawing seriously while life became hectic with
other things,(music was her focus for many years as she enjoyed being a
vocalist),during that time,she was always doing small drawings for family and
friends, usually to celebrate something funny that had happened..and is
delighted to find that many still have these to this day.

2003 saw her dedicate herself fully to art and she has enjoyed developing her
own style and unique approach to life.She works in acrylics.

Miriam has a great love of the beauty of landscape,and draws inspiration from
the area she lives in,with both stunning sea, and rural vistas,both encompassed
by beautiful native bush.

More recently,she has been developing her other love.-.people. Miriam is not
a portrait artist, but she loves to capture and portray the quirkiness of human
nature, and personality. And again, humour has made itself prominent,something
which has become a signature of Miriam's work

Miriam also paints heavy-duty tote bags, usually with her humorous take on
people, and ceramic tiles, used for under hot dishes etc.

To be able to be quickly updated on her latest paintings and crafts,become a
'fan' on her facebook art page https://www.facebook.com/ArtByMiriamJones

To view some of her work "live" visit the
The Red Barn Cafe - Thornton road Whakatane
Miriam is also happy to send out email newsletters of new paintings,and
exhibitions,so please feel free to contact her via this website, or email her at
miriam.jones@xtra.co.nz and ask to be added to the mailing list.

Miriam's work is in private collections throughout New Zealand,
England,Scotland,Northern Ireland,Australia,Germany,USA,Canada

Miriam is happy to package her work to be sent throughout the world,so please
enquire if something interests you, she would love to hear from you

Merit Award-fauna and flora-Pirongia art awards-2009
Merit Award-Mt Pirongia view-Pirongia art awards-2009

Region:Bay of Plenty